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The best doctor’s office!

I would never go anywhere else! The perfect doctor’s office. It is clean and modern. The staff is so nice. THERE WAS NO WAITING!!!!! Dr. Frenkel took his time, performed an excellent examination, diagnosed and treated my problem and actually talked to me in plain English so I knew exactly what he had found and what I needed to do.

- Jack P.

“After my LASIK surgery I had perfect vision...”

I had LASIK with Dr. Frenkel and it was awesome. After my LASIK surgery, I had perfect vision within an hour. I had been to consultations at 2 other centers. They were more expensive, did not have as good a warrantee and were not nearly as professional. Thank you Dr. Frenkel and the Laser Vision of Fort Collins Staff!!!!

- Brian J.

“It was amazing”

I had been to 2 other ophthalmologist before coming to Laser Vision of Fort Collins. Dr. Frenkel figured out what my problem was right away and I was completely normal within 24 hours. It was amazing. I spent hundreds of dollars in doctor’s visits and those expensive eye drops for nothing. Dr. Frenkel gave me a free sample and his fee was ½ what the other doctors had charged.

- Suzie K.

“I saw great a few hours after my surgery”

I had one cataract surgery back in Tennessee where the surgeon took 45 minutes, I had 3 stitches in my eye and it took almost a month for me to see clearly. I went to Dr. Frenkel for the second eye. The surgery took 5 minutes, I had no pain during or after the surgery, I had no injections and no stitches and I saw great a few hours after my surgery.

- Don G.

“How many surgeons give you their personal cell phone number?”

With Dr. Frenkel you will find the kind of doctor that brings back your faith in the medical profession. I was terrified to have my cataracts removed. Dr. Frenkel and his staff were so nice. They gave me such a great explanation and everything was exactly the way they described. I had no pain, the surgery took 5 minutes and I was back to work the next day. How many surgeons give you their personal cell phone number?

- Kathy F.

“I had 20/20 vision 3 hours later”

LASIK is everything I dreamed it would be and Dr. Frenkel and his staff made my experience even better. They are great!!!! I walked into the office and was taken care of right away. I was shown a short film about LASIK. Then, one of the very nice technicians talked to me for quite some time and answered many of my questions. When she had finished, Dr. Frenkel came to talk to me himself. I had been to 2 other consultations, I never met their surgeon and neither of them were as thorough as what I experienced with Dr. Frenkel. I had my LASIK and it was so fast and easy and I had 20/20 vision 3 hours later

-Shannon K.

“Now this is what you want from your doctor”

Now this is what you want from your doctor! I had severe pain in my eye and I called Dr. Frenkel. His office brought me in the very same day. When I arrived, they explained how they leave empty slots every day for emergencies so I did not have to wait at all. It took Dr. Frenkel all of 5 minutes to diagnose my problem and he gave me a free sample of drops. I was in and out in 15 minutes, it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and I was better the next day.

-Louise R.

I made the mistake of going to a different doctor”

I had a sty on my eye and I made the mistake of going to a different eye doctor. They took me back to see the doctor 90 minutes after my appointment time. They performed all kinds of tests that had nothing to do with my sty and then I was told that I would need surgery but that I had to come back on Friday because they were too busy on that day. They billed my insurance company over $200 and I was no better off than when I went in. I complained to my medical doctor and he recommended Dr. Frenkel. I was given an appointment the day I called. There was no waiting. Dr. Frenkel looked at my sty and the surgery was performed 15 minutes later. Most amazing was the fact that my bill for everything, was less than what I had paid the first doctor just to confirm that I had a chalazion. I will NEVER go anywhere again.

-Craig H.

“This is THE place for laser vision correction.”​​​​​​​

Let me tell you. This is the place for LASIK vision correction. OMG, they were so professional and so nice. I went in to see Dr. Frenkel so nervous that I didn’t know if I could actually go through with the surgery. When I left the office I was excited. I wasn’t scared at all. The surgery went exactly the way they told me it would go and I saw like an eagle that afternoon.

-Mary T.

“The best doctor and the best price!”​​​​​​​

Very simply, the best office, the best staff, the best doctor and the best price. They have it all.

-Henry T.

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