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Dr. Frenkel

Dr. Ronald Frenkel

Dr. Frenkel was born in Bridgeport Connecticut. He father was a prominent ophthalmologist in Connecticut and was on staff at Yale. Dr. Frenkel attended the University of Connecticut Medical School, did a flexible internship at St. John’s Merci Hospital in St. Louis and received his board certification by the American Board of Ophthalmology after completing his ophthalmology residency at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.
Dr. Frenkel has a wife (Julie) and 6 children (Sarah, Andrew, Jordan, Lisa, Shannon and Haley). He and his family have engaged in many, many activities together. They have raised and trained horses, bred different purebred breeds of dogs and adopted and raised many other animals. Dr. Frenkel’s wife, Julie, is a firearms instructor. In his spare time, Dr. Frenkel does whatever his wife tells him to do. (Remember, she is a firearms instructor!)

Jordan Frenkel

Jordan Frenkel - Office Manager

Jordan is Dr. Frenkel's son and was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. He attended to Old Dominion University as well as Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA, where he earned my bachelors degree in Ophthalmic Technology. Jordan loves to travel and is an avid sports enthusiast with interest in any and all sports. His wife, Marta, is from Spain so they frequently take trips to visit family, go on vacation, and watch Real Madrid win!


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