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Laser Vision of Fort Collins is a unique ophthalmology practice serving patients in Fort Collins, Co and surrounding areas. Our team is proud to serve the needs of patients requiring LASIK surgery, CATARACT Surgery, treatment of GLAUCOMA and/or treatment of advanced eye care. Dr. Frenkel practiced for many years in southern Virginia where he introduced some of the newest technology and newest surgical techniques to the area. In addition, he paved the way for a new model of patient care that has been adopted by many other successful practices around the country. Contact us to learn more about Laser Vision of Fort Collins.

You Can Count On Our Experience and Quality Care

Laser Vision of Fort Collins is a “tertiary eye care center”. Most of our patients come from other physicians because of our ability to treat complex disease and because of our reputation for eye surgery. We treat many, many eye diseases including cataracts glaucoma and macular degeneration. In addition we offer the latest technology in laser vision correction and specialty lens implantation for cataract surgery. We do NOT offer routine well-patient eye examinations and we do not sell glasses or contact lenses.

The unique "Patient Focused" orientation at Laser Vision of Fort Collins creates an atmosphere of confidence, trust, and relaxation.

Dr. Ronald Frenkel

Dr. Frenkel was born in Bridgeport Connecticut. He's father was a prominent ophthalmologist in Connecticut and was on staff at Yale. Dr. Frenkel attended the University of Connecticut Medical School, did a flexible internship at St. John’s Merci Hospital in St. Louis and received his board certification by the American Board of Ophthalmology after completing his ophthalmology residency at Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans.

Dr. Frenkel has a wife (Julie) and 6 children (Sarah, Andrew, Jordan, Lisa, Shannon and Haley). He and his family have engaged in many, many activities together. They have raised and trained horses, bred different purebred breeds of dogs and adopted and raised many other animals. Dr. Frenkel’s wife, Julie, is a firearms instructor. In his spare time, Dr. Frenkel does whatever his wife tells him to do. (Remember, she is a firearms instructor!)

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We leave the routine eye examinations or examinations for glasses and/or contact lenses to optometrists or general ophthalmologists. At Laser Vision of Fort Collins we offer the LATEST ALL-LASER LASIK vision correction. In addition, we focus on treatment of eye diseases such as CATARACTS, GLAUCOMA. macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

By spending almost 100% of our time concentrating on eye disease and surgery we offer MORE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY than many other general ophthalmology practices. For example, we were the first practice in southern Virginia to offer in-office laser treatment for glaucoma and secondary cataracts. We were the first practice to offer in-office LASIK surgery. We were the first practice to offer refractive lens exchange. We were also the first practice in the area to perform in-office cataract surgery


Being a referral center for other eye care professionals means that we do things differently than most other eye doctors. We leave 10 spots open every day for emergencies and/or new patient referrals. That means that when you call us, we can usually see you with 24 -48 hours. It means that there is usually MINIMAL OR NO WAITING In our waiting room. It also means that we are much more efficient at taking care of patients with serious problems or who require surgery. For our patients, this translates to getting THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AT A LOWER COST. For example, if other surgeons take 30 minutes to perform a cataract procedure and we can perform the exact same surgery in 5 minutes, the operating room costs and other overhead expenses are much, much less.


Because we concentrate on surgery and eye diseases, our LASIK patients may have access to better equipment, more experience, and most importantly, A LOWER COST than many other laser centers. REMEMBER! Dr. Frenkel started a practice in Virginia in 1988 where he performed the areas first in-office LASIK. He was the first to perform custom-cornea LASIK. He was the first to use the radar-guided tracking laser. He was the first to use flying-spot laser technology. He was the first to perform all-laser custom cornea LASIK. Dr. Frenkel was the only surgeon in the country recognized by Summit Technology as their outstanding laser vision correction surgeon. He was second in the country to receive the centurion surgeon award and the first in the country to receive this award for 2 consecutive years. And! HE STILL OFFERS THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AT A LOWER COST THAN MOST OTHER LASIK CENTERS!


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